Activating UAN Number with Member ID

Log on to UAN Member Portal. Below the Login form, you could find Activate UAN, Click on UAN Activation From

fill the following details

  1. UAN Number
  2. PF Account Number
  3. Mobile Number

Finally, fill the captcha code and Click on Get PIN, After you got the PIN to you mobile Then enter the UAN Activation Portal then click on submit.

On the Next Step Create Username and password for UAN Portal Login.

  1. Your Name Not editable
  2. Father/husband Name
  3. date of birth.
  4. You can verify the establishment code by clicking i declare that establishment code is same.
  5. UAN Number is Automacitrcaly inserted into the form.

Create password section enter your password

Renter your password

Type your email id and click on Submit.

Then Your UAn is successfully activated Go to UAn member portal then login with your UAN Number and Password.

Epf employer UAN unified portal for monthly payment

Claims portal OTCP  member

  • EPF UAN Login
  • EPF Balance
  • UAN Employer portal
  • EPF Youtube channel

More details about UAN and EPF are here



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