Activating UAN Number with Member ID

Log on to UAN Member Portal. Below the Login form, you could find Activate UAN, Click on UAN Activation From

fill the following details

  1. UAN Number
  2. PF Account Number
  3. Mobile Number

Finally, fill the captcha code and Click on Get PIN, After you got the PIN to you mobile Then enter the UAN Activation Portal then click on submit.

On the Next Step Create Username and password for UAN Portal Login.

  1. Your Name Not editable
  2. Father/husband Name
  3. date of birth.
  4. You can verify the establishment code by clicking i declare that establishment code is same.
  5. UAN Number is Automacitrcaly inserted into the form.

Create password section enter your password

Renter your password

Type your email id and click on Submit.

Then Your UAn is successfully activated Go to UAn member portal then login with your UAN Number and Password.

Epf employer UAN unified portal for monthly payment

Claims portal OTCP  member

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  • EPF Balance
  • UAN Employer portal
  • EPF Youtube channel

More details about UAN and EPF are here



EPF UAN Login and Activation

Representative Provident store (EPF) is India’s principle standardized savings conspire oversaw by EPFO and covering more than 15 crores of laborers in sorted out division. All EPF individuals and their managers need to get to the EPFO online servies for various undertakings. The initial move towards getting to the EPF online administrations is the capacity to login into your EPFO UAN account (for which there is a pre-essential of UAN number era and UAN actuation)

UAN (Universal Account number) is a vital number for representatives as all the online EPF administrations depend on UAN Login (and one time UAN enactment). In the event that you are new to EPF world, UAN is your one of a kind identifier which will stay unaltered deep rooted and it will be connected to your every last EPF account.

EPFO UAN Member Login for PF Member (Employee)

In the event that you attempting to login to new EPFO bound together part entry surprisingly, please take after the 3 stage handle underneath For First time client.

In the event that you have effectively done the enactment, then you can login to the EPFO Unified entry at whatever time utilizing username and secret word. The Username is your UAN 12 digit ID and secret key is the one that you have made amid UAN initiation.

In the event that you overlook your secret word, you can tap on overlooked watchword. It will send you an OTP (one time secret word) on your enlisted portable number and you can utilize this OTP to set the new watchword.

It would be ideal if you recall to refresh your versatile number in your Profile on UAN Portal at whatever point you change your portable number on the grounds that the majority of the UAN administrations are connected to your enrolled versatile number.

EPFO UAN Member Login – 3 Step Guide for First Time User

On the off chance that you have never logined on UAN Portal (now called Unified Portal), then you have to take after 3 simple strides to begin:

For UAN login, you have to know your UAN number (UAN Generation). Each PF Member is qualified for getting a UAN. At present, UAN is distributed to all EPF individuals who have gotten no less than 1 commitment after Jan 2014. For more seasoned EPF accounts likewise, one can ask for EPFO for UAN number. You can discover your UAN from your compensation slips. On the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea about your UAN yet, please contact your manager.

When you have a UAN, To login to UAN Member Portal, you have to do a one time actuation/enrollment of your UAN which is exceptionally basic. There are 3 conceivable approaches to do UAN initiation –

(A1) On UAN Member Portal. (UAN Member Portal is a site from EPFO offering a large group of EPF administrations on the web.)

(A2) On EPF Mobile App which can be downloaded on Android Phones.

(A3) By sending SMS.

When you have effectively initiated your UAN, you can login utilizing the username and secret word made amid the actuation organize.

Give us a chance to talk about the diverse enactment strategies and consequent login in detail one by one.